About Us



We offer clients consulting on lighting design, equipment recommendations, lighting software choices, best practices to obtain the best look on camera. We understand lighting for broadcast, cinema, events, trade shows and various other aspects to entertainment lighting. 



We have a number of years experience in the entertainment lighting industry in film and video lighting. We have worked with pre-visualization software and lighting control systems.  We know the needs of the video camera and how to create a good lighting look on the camera. 


Advanced Lighting

While we have worked in a single camera setup we have also worked on major network projects involving multiple cameras. We have worked on International events. We also have worked with automated lighting setup up studios with LED lighting and automated lighting. We have created turn key solutions for clients. 


Software consulting

We have consulted on the design and features of software designed for the video production industry.  As end users ourselves our expertise is vital to ensure the software features are both practical and user friendly. We have also inspired unique features in software that enhance it's ability to meet the needs for the industry. 

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Video Portfolio

HS Scope

Demonstration of the HS Scope used to evaluate and calibrate LED lights based on the cameras chroma response.