4K SD/HD HDR Scope Software


H/S Scope VS SPD

As end users ourselves we helped to create the H/S SCOPE. The H/S SCOPE shows how well a light can reproduce colours accurately based on the camera's sensor. It shows the chroma signal of the camera in a spectral format relative to SMPTE standards in real time. An SPD reading has no relationship to how the camera sees the light source. 

H/S Scope

H/S Scope

The H/S Scope shows immediately deficiencies in a light's spectral output thus allowing you to adjust the source to correct for those deficiencies. This is done in real time. It allows for the matching of light sources based on the camera sensor response. 

4K Scopes

4k and SD/HD HDR

The H/S SCOPE is part of a 4K or SD/HD HDR scope software. Users can select the scopes to display along with the monitor output of the camera. Lighting adjustments made can be seen real time to achieve an accurate balance on camera. 

CIE rec 709 2020

CIE scope

A CIE scope is included with the ability to evaluate color values in various standards such as rec 709, 2020 P3 etc. 


On Set or Off Set evaluation tool

Use the 4K SD/HD HDR scope software off set to evaluate and calibrate your lights before going on camera. On set use the 4K SD/HD HDR software to maintain colour accuracy of your light sources based on the camera's real time readout values. 


Measure Light Deficiencies

The H/S SCOPE shows a Light's deficiencies and allows for calibration of the light to better reproduce colors. It is a good evaluation tool when selecting light sources as it is based on the camera signal. Light manufacturers can display their H/S SCOPE values so end users will know how well those lights will work on camera to produce accurate colors. 

HS Scope on tablet

HS Scope on Tablet

The HS Scope can use a tablets webcam to emulate the chroma peaks and valleys of various cameras. Matching the LED to those same peaks and valleys gives you a match in camera. 

Evaluating and Calibrating LED fixtures based on the Chroma Signal of the Camera


Recorded Webinar giving an introduction and overview of the HS Scope. We show how it can be used  to evaluate and calibrate LED lights for on camera matching. The HS Scope is based on the cameras actual electronic  chroma signa